Bending and grinding machine

Details Bending and grinding machine

The features of the mediocre machine

1. The hammer machine has the ability to cut and round the dough in equal and equal sizes

2. The weight of each chin is adjustable from 50 to 300 and 700 grams (the weight of the chains and the speed of the device is adjustable)

3. The stainless steel device is efficient and easy to monitor with minimum physical force and minimum space occupancy.

4. No depreciation

5. Standard seal

6-wheel drive (displacement)

7-Adjustable Flour Tank

8-Equipped with a PLC that works with a touch screen

9. Can be attached to the chin table for secondary fermentation at the desired time

10-tank capacity of max. 5 ± 65 kg

11. Chin number is 15-5 ppm

12-Stop Easy Snap

13. Emergency stop button

14-Button on / off

15. Easy-moving device


The Benefits of a Crazy Machine

1. High power device

2-Occupy low space

Full-automatic and the ability to produce a wide range of products with a single device

4. In addition to the compact and compact structure, it is fully equipped and has high security


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