spherical radiating rotary machine

Details spherical radiating rotary machine




Features of the spherical radiating device (indirect heat)
1_Interface to control the temperature inside the baking compartment automatically with thermommeters and thermocouples preventing excessive heat and energy wasting.
2_ Because of insulating and unique system used in blinds, it has the least thermal losses
3_ Baking Capabilities of Bread Type (Flat Bread, Taftoon, Berberi, Dry Bread, Lavash, Sangak)
4] Due to the unique insulation, insulation is not required with brick and soil
5_ There is a variable-speed gigabyte engine that can adjust the baking speed
6_ Have a power control panel for control and ease of use
7. Because the heat is indistinguishable, it is harmless from any gas
8. The uniformity of heat at the surface of the oven causes the complete baking of bread
9_ Minimum cooking time is one minute
10_The maximum cooking time is 7 minutes
11_ Easy handling and handling
12_ Minimum temperature: ambient temperature
13_The maximum temperature is 380 degrees


Bread Features Spherical Radiant Machine
1_ More Bread Container
2-Color and proper appearance
3_ Good taste and taste
4_ No need for baking soda
5_Use of bran in bake
6_After consumption it is easily digested and easily absorbed by the body.

The national cost of the spherical radiant device
1. Decreasing power consumption per hour by 400 watts
2. Reduce bread waste from 32% to 8%
3_Excellent fuel consumption



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